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The Tankwa Karoo is one of the most exciting spaces in South Africa. It is as hot, dry and expansive as only a desert can get. The Tankwa also boasts a rich diversity of fauna and flaura and has the distinction of having the third most endemic bird species in the world. Pictures of the Tankwa Karoo invites you to unplug, to step out of your comfort zone and to step into, to quote Father Dioscuros, a place where you can find yourself.


Horizons without limits


It was not a surprise that this invitation rang loudly when Hanno Langenhoven saw a picture of cyclists tackling parts of the R355 crossing the Tankwa Karoo. The R355 is the longest uniterupted gravel road between two towns in South Africa and calls out adventure day in and day out, summer and winter. Soon the invitation turned into the crazy concept of a single-stage desert crossing in the middle of summer to have a crack at the title of 'the hottest run in the world'.


Hanno Langenhoven is an avid trail runner, birdwatcher, adventure junkie and serial stretcher of his own comfort zone limits. After the seed was planted, well watered and started to grow into a little tree (non of those in the Tankwa) the next step was to convince his business partner, Kylie Henn, that the Tankwa should be crossed at the hight of the South African summer.


Kylie Henn founded Umoya Adventures with Hanno with a focus on developing unique adventure events. Kylie is a successfull businesswoman with a heart for developing communities through tourism and creating mutually beneficial sustainable partenrships. She is the owner of RootZ Group and one of the founding partners of Traditional African Homestays - South Africa (TAHS-SA).


Copyright of Tankwa Crossing belongs to Hanno Langenhoven

17 - 20 February 2022


The inaugural Tankwa Crossing will take place on the weekend of the 17th till the 20th of February 2022.


Tankwa Crossing


Distance: 207.3 kilometers

Ascent: 869 meters

Descent: 1029 meters

Maximum height above sea level: 1071 meters

Lowest point above sea level: 292 meters

Cut-off: 50 hours

R10 000 per person


The Midway Breakdown Run


Distance: 103.5 kilometers

Ascent: to be confirmed

Descent: to be confirmed

Maximum height above sea level: 1071 meters

Lowest point above sea level: 292 meters

Cut-off: 24 hours

R5 000 per person


Tankwa Team Crossing


Tankwa Crossing with team spirit

The full crossing

2-4 team members

R12 500 per team


open spaces and vistas



The Tankwa Karoo is mesmerizing with a wide variety of textures and colours around every corner.


Photographer: The Snoring Naturalist Photography (Gareth Roberts)

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